"We are grateful for all of your efforts on this project and your efforts will not be soon forgotten."


  • Designers work directly with a client to make sure every step of the process meets the customer's standards.
  • Cater to the customer and anticipate their needs.
  • Use a combination of 2D, 3D, and Solid Modeling Systems.
  • Design Software used:
    • Creo 4.0
    • Anvil
  • Small Tooling Designs
  • Large manual machining and weld fixture designs
  • Design Hydraulic operated fixtures and controls
  • Design Electrical controls
  • Design with electronic components as well as designing complex fixture controls with PLC, logics, and operator interface screens.
  • Designs for storage equipment
  • Manual and automatic assembly carts
  • Close interaction with our Fixturing/Tool Room Department
  • Full service design and detailing operation
  • Design service is available to the public

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